Privacy Policy

 SCD Design & Construction considers clients privacy as an important concern and care by all means that the important and crucial information is kept confidential at all levels. All information pertained to client business is considered secure and private. All programs, manuals, literature’s, etc. provided by the client are accessed in a confidential manner and limited information is accessed for the purpose of carrying out development/ enhancement. We shall continue to always strive in taking all necessary measures to protect the secrecy and avoid disclosure or use of confidential information in any form. We do not share any knowledge, information, processes, ideas or documents concerning the business and affairs of our clients or any of its dealings and transactions. All-important access of disclosing party is done within the secured premises of SCD Design & Construction and by responsible and senior person within our organization. Our website is linked to other websites. SCD Design & Construction is not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of such other websites. This website shall otherwise adhere to all applicable privacy laws and the “Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (Canada)”. You may direct any questions or concerns regarding the information that you provide to us at